Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy address to the applications and (“Fitly” ), and all other products that are the brands of Monoyoga Yazılım, services and content provided with our partners, offers a variety of products and services including products and service offerings. By using Monoyoga Yazılım’s apps, you are accepting this Privacy Policy. Monoyoga Yazılım cares about the secrecy of your personal information. We advise you to read the Privacy Policy carefully. If you do not want to be bound by these terms, you can quit using the apps. “Processing” means, the use of cookies or the use of information in a device, including, but not limited to collecting, storage, deletion, use, consolidation and disclosure of information.

What data does our app collecting and for what purposes ?

We do NOT collect any personal data. Our definition of personal data is information that relates to an individual and could be used to identify them. We do not collect first and last name, home address, telephone number, date of birth, email addresses, bank account details, financial history. The personal information of users is not stored because it is not collected.

Device Information

Monoyoga Yazılım apps can collect some information automatically such as Crash reports: UUID and crash traces in order to help a user associate crash data with specific instances of our products. Instance IDS, device type, application ID, App and/or extension version, Free space, Free ram, a timestamp of when a crash happened. Additionally, we may collect and record the Language & Region information from your device's settings, which will be used to provide better customer support when/if you reach out to us via email or the in-app feedback system.

How do we share your information?

Your personal information is not collected or shared with another institution or organization.Government agencies may also be recipients of your personal data, exclusively to meet legal obligations.

Third-party disclosure

We will not sell or share any personal details to third parties. We have no right to share with or disclosure to third parties your personal details in whole or in part except for the purposes of:

How Long We Keep Your Information in Our Database?

In accordance with the purposes set out in this policy, your information is kept confidential as long as your account is active. In order to prevent people who are banned by law from opening a new account, it is necessary to keep the information in the database. The users accept, declare and acknowledge that because of the technical limitations, Monoyoga Yazılım cannot guarantee to erase all the data, even if all the data is deleted during the account deletion.

How We Use Your Information?

We collect, keep, use and process information for various purposes. One of them is to provide information about the product and service.

We may also use your information for administrative purposes;

Changes in Privacy Policy

We may change the Privacy Policy whenever at any time, according to our right of initiative. In these circumstances, we will give you 30 days of notice about these changes. It is crucial to review these changes. If you continue to use our apps without reviewing the changes, you are accepting to be bound to these changes. If you don’t accept the changes, you won’t be allowed to use our apps.

The Safety of Your Information

We take reasonable administrative, physical and electronic precautions, designed to protect you from the unauthorized access or use of information that we collect from you and about you. Even though we strive to take reasonable precautions for the information we process and protect, please be aware of that security systems cannot prevent potential security breaches. According to this, we cannot give you an absolute guarantee of any information. Users accept, declare and undertake that Monoyoga Yazılım is not responsible for the disclosure of information unintentionally. If we find out there is a security breach in the system, we will try to notify you by sending you an e-mail or notification to your mobile device.

You have the right to prevent your personal information from certain uses and explanations. If you do not want Monoyoga Yazılım to continue to process your personal information, you can contact us at [email protected].

Contact Information

If you have any question, feedback or comment about our apps or services, you can contact us with [email protected].